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This, the second clinic in your “Journey” series,  delivers a logical and exciting extension of your Journey to Mastery Clinic

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Title Date Time Venue
Confidence Through Connection ClinicSat, Sep 23 ‐ Mon, Sep 259am - 4pmWaikatoRegister
Confidence Through Connection ClinicSat, Sep 30 ‐ Mon, Oct 29am - 4pmTaurangaRegister
Confidence Through Connection ClinicFri, Oct 6 ‐ Sun, Oct 89am - 4pmWaikatoRegister
Confidence Through Connection ClinicFri, Oct 20 ‐ Sun, Oct 229am - 4pmHawkes BayRegister
Confidence Through Connection ClinicFri, Oct 27 ‐ Sun, Oct 299am - 4pmMastertonRegister
Confidence Through Connection ClinicSat, Nov 4 ‐ Mon, Nov 69am - 4pmWaimateRegister
Confidence Through Connection ClinicTue, Nov 7 ‐ Thu, Nov 99am - 4pmRanfurlyRegister
Confidence Through Connection ClinicSat, Nov 11 ‐ Mon, Nov 139am - 4pmChristchurchRegister
Confidence Through Connection ClinicFri, Dec 1 ‐ Sun, Dec 39am - 4pmQueenstownRegister

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Building on the confidence and safety that you created in Journey to Mastery –  this is the next step. Gaining Confidence through deepening your Connection with your horse.
The Confidence through Connection Clinic takes your relationship to another level. We will explore contact, engagement and lateral work not only as a pathway to performance but also as an integral means of maintaining the health of your horses body and mind. It is our responsibility to keep our horses healthy, supple and strong enough to carry us throughout their lifetime – being able to influence his balance and posture is crucial in this – if you can make your horse feel good physically, you have a very happy partner emotionally as well. And remember a happy horse is a safe horse.

Continuing on your Journey to Mastery – We polish and expand what you put in place in your Journey to Mastery Clinic and add a whole lot more! The finer detail becomes apparent. Taking the safety foundation and applying it to performance. This will include taking a soft forward contact, influencing your horses posture and balance, lateral work and preparing for flying changes. You started dancing in your Journey to Mastery Clinic – now we are upping the tempo!

 Your Confidence through Connection Clinic Package

In this Package we again offer you – the Graduate – all the benefits of the Journey to Mastery Package plus a whole lot more!

Dromgool Horsemanship – Confidence through Connection Clinic Package

Includes –

 1 – A 2 day clinic (Value $350) where you put in place the skills and knowledge you’ve been looking for to feel safe, regain your confidence and have fun.

2 – 1 clinic day for FREE! (Value $175) Our gift to you is a third day so you have 3 consecutive days to immerse yourself in the learning and practice. We are committed to you getting LONG TERM results and we are very clear this takes practice so the third day is a fun day where practice becomes easier and things really start to flow!

3 – A FREE spectator spot for 1 day (Value $50) – you must nominate your spectator within 2 weeks of the start of the clinic and they must attend the clinic with you.

4 – “The Journey – The Beginning”  DVD (Value $75) – in this DVD you will be shown all the Stage 1 and Stage 2  groundschool and riding that we will be teaching you at the clinic – as it pertains to a green horse. It gives you a wider understanding of the concepts presented in your first DVD. Ken takes you through the process with a young horse he is breaking in. (You will receive this upon payment of your deposit)

5 – Certification – you will receive a Certificate of Completion for Stage 2 – As you progress through the Stages you will gain our Advanced Certification that qualifies you for exclusive Advanced Member Benefits. Certification is also the first step in our Professional Training Program for those that wish to become a qualified Dromgool Horsemanship Clinician.

6 – ‘Heaven on Horseback’ Riding Holiday – as a graduate of Confidence through Connection you will now be eligible to apply for a position on our hosted riding holiday. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride on some of the most spectacular places in the world and see wild horses while you are at it!

7 – Continued participation in our private Graduate Facebook Group – (Value $1500) our closed graduate group is ONLY available to graduates of our program and the content that is posted there is NOT available to anyone else. You get another 12 months membership to our Graduate Page. This page is designed to be a forum for you where you can connect with us and other graduates to discuss issues and support one another. We will be posting tutorials that are specifically designed for graduates to facilitate your learning and practice.

8 – Follow up Video Critique and 15 minute remote coaching session (Value $75) valid for 1 month after the clinic – this is where you submit a 15 video clip of you working with your horse – we will watch it and contact you via phone or Skype and coach you on the submitted video – we are committed to your mastery and this is our way of offering you a personal follow up to the clinic.

All this for $579       (Total Value $2225)