Spectator - 1 day Advancing your Riding Clinic

Spectator - 1 day Advancing your Riding Clinic


WE ARE SO EXCITED to run this much awaited 1 day Advancing your Riding Clinic

Watch the participants develop their ridden bond and learn to 'Dance with your horse'.

You will cover topics like:

- Clarifying the leg and rein aids and getting in time with your horses movement - learn to know when to apply the correct aid so your horse is able to respond calmly and with ease. Do away with the rushing and resistance in your transitions.

- Use your body more so you can get to use your hands less - have a horse that can feel you and be happy with your soft hands.

- Add energy to your work and keep your horse calm - get grace and power in your work with a relaxed partner who enjoys working with you.

- Learn how to get you lateral movements soft and flowing.

- Learn when to ask for the canter transition so you pick up correct leads without the rushing and drama.

- Refining your seat and aids so you can dance together

Spectate for just $25!

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