Dressage with Jane 3 day Clinic

Dressage with Jane 3 day Clinic


Janes unique training solves many common problems for the dressage rider

We clarify the basic aids for both the rider and the horse. Many of us rely far too heavily on the reins and our horses don’t know how to respond to our bodies. Jane shows you how to establish communication with your horses using your body.

Our horses need to understand our inside leg – we hear it all the time – “Inside leg to outside rein” but what does this actually look like? We need him to step his inside hind up and underneath his belly, engage his core, lengthen his topline and stretch his neck – but does he know this? After this clinic, he will!

Jane will show you how to understand and feel his footfalls when we are riding so we can get in time with him – how can we dance with our horses if we don’t understand the steps?

What's included in your Clinic package:

• 3-Day comprehensive Clinic with Jane

• Four weeks prior to the Clinic you will be assigned a tutorial to work on before you attend the Clinic.

• Three weeks prior to the Clinic you will be assigned another tutorial to work on

• At the Clinic we will be covering (but not limited to) the following:
- How to get a soft contact
- Developing energy with a calm horse
- Exercises to enhance and strengthen your horse’s posture
- Soft lateral movements
- Canter transitions and flying changes
- Creating engagement and developing collection

• After the Clinic you will be sent a detailed, individualised program compiled by Jane to continue on your pathway to achieve your goals.
• Two scheduled Group Coaching Calls to discuss your progress and any issues you may be having.

All this for only $889.00

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