9 day Starting Clinic with Ken

9 day Starting Clinic with Ken


Why Dromgool Horsemanship’s ‘Starting Clinic’?

The difference is that we are not charging you to break in your horse we are training YOU to break in your horse under constant supervision.

You are able to bring 2 horses to this workshop - your horse to be started and an established horse that we will help you train to assist you in the breaking in of your youngster.

After the 9 days you will learn the skills and knowledge and have put in place the foundations for your horse to continue their ridden journey after leaving the Clinic. 

The knowledge you gain from fully immersing yourself into learning how to start a horse will allow you to have the skills to start other horses in the future. 

You don’t just work your horse in the arena but they get taken out over the farm and on bush trails too.

As you know Ken is a master when it comes to starting the young horse and he has decades of experience and knowledge which he will be passing on to you.

In this comprehensive 9 day Starting Clinic you will cover:

  • Ground work to establish safety, bend and softness, leading and tying up, and picking up feet
  • Being led off another horse
  • Preparing the horse for saddling, wearing a cover
  • Saddling and unsaddling safely for both horse and human
  • Bridling, drenching and being co-operative for the farrier and the vet
  • Mounting with a horse that stands and waits
  • Carrying a rider confidently
  • Establishing free forward movement at walk trot and canter in and outside the arena over all terrain
  • Riding confidently in a group
  • Moving calmly and softly off the leg
  • Understanding the leg and rein aids
  • Trekking out over the farm and on the bush trails
  • Loading and travelling in a float happily


How exciting would it be to know that you started your own horse and in a manner whereby he will continue to be curious about life, enjoy being around you and become a safe, confident, happy, trustworthy and relaxed horse?  This annual event is definitely not to be missed.

You also get a years membership to our Dromgool Horsemanship Graduate Community on Facebook - it is a closed page only available to our graduates - it is a forum that we have designed to enable us to give our graduates ongoing support and tuition after their clinics - there are many valuable tutorials on this page and the value of this ongoing support is immeasurable.

The Starting Clinic fees include the arena fee, grazing and camping.

If you don’t want to camp in your float/truck, we do have a limited number of Twin Share cabins available for hire.  To enquire please contact

If you would like to talk with us about it please feel free to give Ken a call on 0275833136 - he would love to talk with you 🙂

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