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Be prepared to let go

There is a saying:
In order to discover new horizons you have to lose sight of the shore
Learning often involves letting something go; fear, ego, being right and doubt just to name a few.
I learn something new every day. Most days its small interesting facts and distinctions. And then there are the days when the learning hits you right in the face. It can be uncomfortable, confronting, disturbing and even down right scary.
But these are the moments that I refer to as my transformational moments. Moments that literally shift me from one place to another never to return to where I came from.
One particular moment, years ago, that I have never forgotten was I was trying to get Shoulder In with my horse. It was involving a huge amount of effort for no result. I was feeling frustrated and lost. Why wasn’t it working?
I dropped the reins and went to walk out of the arena as I made a sharp turn to head towards the gate – it hit me I had dropped the reins and now my horse was following my feel beautifully. Duh.
I went back down to the end of the long side and turned my shoulders to the angle I needed her shoulders at, put weight on my inside seat bone and asked to see her inside eye using the reins.
Viola! Beautiful soft shoulder in. How easily we can get into the habit of riding off the reins. My horse was waiting to hear from my body. She wanted to dance and I was thrashing and banging around. I felt awful. How long had she been putting up with me doing that? She needed a medal. Poor girl. That realisation, that knowing, the feel of riding with my body, has never left me.
I have developed a habit of asking my horses what do you need of me right now to have this work out? It’s a great way to get focused on their needs and ride with empathy.
So look at those uncomfortable, confronting moments with excitement and anticipation you are about to learn something wonderful!
Ride your dream!

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