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Do you have a Bucket List?

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I will turn 50 next year and it has become apparent to me that something was missing.

A bucket list.

As 50 approaches it dawns on you that you are more than likely already over half way through your life. Illnesses and deaths that used to occur in older relatives are now happening to your friends – people in your own age group - the sense of your own mortality starts to close in.

So if I was to check off all these things I dreamed of doing before I shuffled off my mortal coil, I had better create a bucket list.

Italy was in the top 5.

I did Art History and Classical studies in 6th and 7th form (back when we measured our progress through our school years in “forms” rather than “years”!) and since that time I have had a deep yearning to travel to Italy to visit the art works that I studied.

About 6 months ago my dear friend Vicki invited me to travel to Italy with her and I was instantly confronted – my brain went into a panic - the time wasn’t right, how was I going to manage the business whilst being away for a month, etc, etc.

Being in the intensive phase of developing and expanding our business means that the workload is huge at the moment but Ken wouldn’t hear of me saying “No”

Maybe I should wait and go next year? “No” he said “you could be dead next year!”

Mmmm – sobering thought.

So – I metaphorically threw my hat over the fence – then figured out how to go and get it.

I planned – put a plan in place to create the finances, a plan to manage the business in my absence, a plan to manage the family, the animals, the farm.

It has been a huge learning curve – learning to let go of the reins, learning to trust that others can manage things, learning how much of a control freak I am, learning that you never actually have all your ducks in a row!

So now here I am – travelling at 292kms an hour on the Frecciarossa (Red Arrow – the fast train) from Naples to Milan. 

Italy is incredible – every day it surpasses my wildest dreams. The art, architecture and culture are glorious, astounding, humbling and inspiring. 

I am living my dream and I am so fortunate.

You are never too young or too old to create your bucket list – when you put your dreams into existence something magical happens.

Here are a few photos of my trip so far – next week we will be in Vienna at the Spanish Riding School – I will post the photos for you!

And just in case you were wondering - Ken is a champion – he is incredibly supportive and with the help of Joseph, Daniel and Casey the team is running well at home.

They don’t need me at all!!

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  1. Hey, hey, hey! I simply had to grin at your bucket list! (I know my one seems rather endless). I too have always wanted to go to Italy – and I too magic’ed it this year in June. My son was staying in Milan, and my daughter at Castle Nuovo de Porto, just out of Rome – Lucky me got to have a month away with them – so fantastic! (While my lovely man and older daughter stayed home in Dunedin looking after our hairy family of 4 horses, Mr Tiddles, our cat, and Spike our dog. ) I have had a peak at your website, and see this is become one of my ‘happy places’ that I will come back to visit often and enjoy and implement the knowledge and skills you share. Thank you : P

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