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Your Journey To Mastery starts here….

Read all the Info below about the Clinic – package, content and pricing.

Mastery is not a destination, it’s a journey. 

Are you looking for a way forward with your horse that puts fun in place, builds your confidence, gives you the knowledge and the skills to have you be safe and puts you back on the path to riding your dream? Then this, our first Clinic in our “Journey” series, is the clinic for you. With a mixture of ground-school and riding we enable you to create communication with your horse on a level that REALLY means something to him. You will learn how to deal with his anxieties and confusions and get a horse that is relaxed, listening and happy to be with you. Your horse will become a willing “dance partner”. You will be able to build anything on this foundation. You will go away from the Clinic with a PLAN for dealing with the “What If?….” and a huge amount of post clinic tuition and support (benefits that are included in your Clinic Package.) Imagine lying in bed the night before an outing with your horse, feeling excited and confident because you know that from the moment you catch him the next morning, things will go smoothly – and if they don’t – you know you have a plan and the skills to handle it! We send you your DVD as soon as you register so your Clinic starts NOW!

We offer you a Package that gives you a WHOLE YEAR of tuition, training and support.

We don’t do “just clinics” anymore as we have realised that people need ongoing help after the clinic to have what they learnt at the clinic become a new habit for them.

We are very clear that completing a clinic is only part of the process and that gaining mastery comes with practice and repetition. We also know that unless people are supported in this process they are unlikely to reach their goals. Clinics are great – you learn a whole lot of new exciting stuff, meet awesome, like-minded people and finish on a high BUT – shortly after, life kicks in and things can fall flat and then you find you have drifted back to what it was you used to do before the clinic.

So what’s in the Package?

Dromgool Horsemanship – Journey to Mastery Clinic Package

Includes –

1 – A 2 day clinic (Value $400) where you put in place the skills and knowledge you’ve been looking for to feel safe, regain your confidence and have fun.

2 – 1 clinic day for FREE! (Value $200) Our gift to you is a third day so you have 3 consecutive days to immerse yourself in the learning and practice. We are committed to you getting LONG TERM results and we are very clear this takes practice so the third day is a fun day where practice becomes easier and things really start to flow!

3 – “Being Connected – from Ground to Saddle”  DVD – (Value $60) in this DVD you will be shown all the Stage 1 and Stage 2  groundschool and riding that we will be teaching you at the clinic and you will have a tremendous head start for the clinic – this DVD enables you to really hit the ground running and get  the maximum value from the clinic. (You will receive this upon payment of your    deposit)

4 – Certification – you will receive a Certificate of Completion for Journey to Mastery – As you progress through our program you will gain our Advanced Certification that qualifies you for exclusive Advanced Member Benefits. Certification is also the first step in our Professional Training Program for those that wish to become a qualified Dromgool Horsemanship Clinician.

5 – Your unique Dromgool Horsemanship Membership number.  Your membership number entitles you to exclusive offers and benefits only available to graduates – special offers, ‘graduate only’ events, and priority booking for events and clinics.

6 – Entry to our private Graduate Facebook Group – (Value $1500 annual membership) our closed graduate group is ONLY available to graduates of our program and the content that is posted there is NOT available to anyone else. You get a 12 month memebership to our Graduate Page. This page is designed to be a forum for you where you can connect with us and other graduates to discuss issues and support one another. We will be posting tutorials that are specifically designed for graduates to facilitate your learning and practice.

7 – Follow up Video Critique and 15 minute remote coaching session (Value $75) valid for 1 month after the clinic – this is where you submit a 15 video clip of you working with your horse – we will watch it and contact you via phone or Skype and coach you around the submitted video – we are committed to your mastery and this is our way of offering you a personal follow up to the clinic.

All this for $629     (Total Value = $2235)


The Nitty Gritty

We start at 9am so try to get there about 8.30am so you are settled in and ready to go.
Groundwork is in the mornings and the ridden work in the afternoons finishing up at 4pm.
Bring your lunch and drinks with you and bring food and buckets for your horse.
You will need to bring all the gear you normally use with your horse plus an halter and 12ft lead rope – if you don’t have one please don’t panic we will have these for sale they are good quality and made to fit your horse.

On the second day of the clinic from 2-4 pm our Guest Event is free for spectators – have a look at the list of Complimentary Events for more info on these.
Invite your friends to come and watch – we make sure they go home with 3 exercises that will dramatically improve their safety, confidence, connection and performance with their horses.
We start the morning with a talk to find out if you have any concerns, what you would like to get out of the clinic, what your goals and dreams are – and then we get on with exceeding your expectations.

Ground work starts with our Dromgool Horsemanship Stage 1 Groundschool – this is designed to have your horse work at a distance from you, getting him moving forward freely, following your feel and direction, stopping, turning and facing you, backing up and changing direction. We are working on – turning on the forehand, turning on the hindquarters, backing up and working on a line. This is where you get to understand how he thinks, moves and uses his body.

Your leg and rein aids are put in place on the ground – knowing when to apply them in order to influence a specific part of his body.
When your horse starts to understand that YOU understand how he moves and operates he relaxes and starts to trust you. The dance has begun.
Its all about confidence and the interesting question is “Which comes first – him trusting you or you trusting him?”
It all evolves as one – a relationship built on a mutual understanding.

We ride in the afternoons and put in place the movements we learnt on the ground.

Now – this is where it gets exciting – the foundation we put in place for safety is exactly the foundation you need for quality performance – think about it – when you are able to place his feet where you need them, when you need them AND be able to influence his balance and his posture – isn’t that what you need for performance? Isn’t it what you need to feel safe? When you can influence your horses posture – being able to get him to bend and soften through his body and lower his head – it FEELS GOOD to your horse. You are getting him to adopt the posture of a relaxed horse – therefore he relaxes – he starts to look for this – he TRUSTS you because he feels good around you. You have a horse you can depend on and he has a rider that he can depend on.

So you have safety, you have confidence, you have connection and you have the foundation you need for performance.|
You now have a plan to take home with you to use to keep you safe, get your horse relaxed and listening and fade back his tension and anxieties.
We polish and add the finer details over the 3 days so that it becomes clear and understood.

When you go home this is where the benefits of the package really show up – the Remote Coaching session is an invaluable resource. Video yourself and send it to us so we can help you through anything you need assistance with. Put questions, photos or footage on the Graduate Facebook Page – this is proving extremely popular – the feedback and discussions from the graduates are hugely valuable and the tutorials we put on here are exclusive to the page.

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