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Upcoming Journey to Mastery Clinics,
Complimentary Events and Free Afternoons

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Journey to Mastery Clinics

Title Date Time Venue
Journey to Mastery ClinicSat, Sep 29 ‐ Mon, Oct 19am - 4pmWaikato, CambridgeSold Out
Journey to Mastery ClinicFri, Oct 5 ‐ Sun, Oct 79am - 4pmWhangareiSold Out
Journey to Mastery ClinicSat, Oct 20 ‐ Mon, Oct 229am - 4pmHawkes BayRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicFri, Oct 26 ‐ Sun, Oct 289am - 4pmMastertonRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicFri, Nov 2 ‐ Sun, Nov 49am - 4pmWaimateRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicTue, Nov 6 ‐ Thu, Nov 89am - 4pmRanfurlyRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicSat, Nov 10 ‐ Mon, Nov 129am - 4pmInvercargillRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicThu, Nov 15 ‐ Sat, Nov 179am - 4pmNelsonRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicSat, Jan 19 ‐ Mon, Jan 219am - 4pmWhangareiRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicSat, Mar 2 ‐ Mon, Mar 49am - 4pmWaikato, CambridgeRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicWed, Mar 6 ‐ Fri, Mar 89am - 4pmOur Place, PaihiaRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicSat, Mar 30 ‐ Mon, Apr 19am - 4pmHawkes BayRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicSat, May 4 ‐ Mon, May 69am - 4pmNorth AucklandRegister
Journey to Mastery ClinicFri, Jun 14 ‐ Sun, Jun 169am - 4pmHaweraRegister

Complimentary Events/Free Afternoons

Title Date Time Venue
Complimentary Guest EventSun, Sep 303.30pm - 5pmWaikato - CambridgeRegister
Complimentary Guest EventSat, Oct 63.30pm - 5pmWhangareiRegister
Complimentary Guest EventSun, Oct 213.30pm - 5pmHawkes BayRegister
Complimentary Guest EventSat, Oct 273.30pm - 5pmMastertonRegister
Complimentary Guest EventSat, Nov 33.30pm - 5pmWaimateRegister
Complimentary Guest EventFri, Nov 163.30pm - 5pmNelsonRegister
Complimentary Guest EventWed, Feb 133.30pm - 5pmSouth AucklandRegister