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What were your dreams when you first got your horse?

The Journey to Freedom is Ken and Jane Dromgool’s flagship 3-day clinic that is focused on you creating and maintaining a quality connection with your horse.
What can you do with connection? Well, you become safe, in control and have heaps of fun! And from there you are able to go out and ride your dream!

We all have dreams with our horses but all too often, we find the sad situation of horses and riders confined to their paddocks and couches because somewhere along the line, trust was broken, and all the confidence and happiness of riding was lost.

The Journey to Freedom is where you get your mojo back, develop the trust and connection that will give you your confidence back.

Horse riding clinic
Horse training

Anything is possible when you trust each other

Trust develops when you have a deep understanding of each other. As we all know the test of a relationship is how that relationship stands up when things are going wrong when the pressure is on – when things get stressful. And that is what most of us are worried about with our horses – the “what if…..”

But what if you knew how to handle a stressful situation and get your horse relaxed and attentive when he starts to get worried and tense? What a relief that would be right? To know that you had a plan to get you and your horse out of trouble – anywhere, anytime.
A plan that works for those worrying times but also causes connection and trust to develop and gave you a solid foundation for performance.

So how do our riders achieve amazing FREEDOM riding their horses?

We teach our riders to take the time to observe and understand how their horse thinks, moves and communicates. We show them how to observe his expression so they can “see what happens before what happens, happens” This is how you keep out of trouble and in the FUN ZONE with your best friend.

We will show you how to watch for those changes in expression that the horse uses to communicate his thoughts, feelings and intent. At the Journey to Freedom Clinic, you will learn the exercises that get you in time with his movement, create softness and suppleness and have him feeling good. Influence his mind by influencing his body – influence his body by influencing his mind.

As well as having a great ride, there is another massive benefit from being able to do this – your horse will enjoy being around you and will like and trust you. If you can get him to a place where he is calm and relaxed when he feels worried or tense than he will look to you for guidance, his number one, his safe place. When this happens you have a horse you can trust, a horse you can rely on – and he can rely on YOU.

Horse riding clinic

Your Spectating Experience

Sometimes it’s just not possible to ride at a clinic or you may be wanting to come and support a friend who is participating or you may be wanting to get a feel for who Ken and Jane are and what their clinics are like.
You are very welcome to spectate – we make sure our spectators are involved and are able to ask questions, participate in our morning talks and be a part of our unique Dream Planning Session on day 3 of the clinic.

Choose to spectate for 1, 2 or all three days and watch the transformations of horse and rider before your eyes.

Please Note All Prices Are In New Zealand Dollars and includes Good and Services Tax

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Customer Testimonials

Thank you both so much for an amazing 3 days. My head is spinning with the information you so generously gave and I feel I have so many more techniques to work on my partnership with my horse.
I wanted to say how lovely it was to be with a couple who are so perfectly matched and complement each other. Together you cover everything.
I can see how you fell in love – the respect you get from horses you also get from each other.
I loved watching you work and the dressage yesterday Jane – it was so smooth and you made it look so effortless. It was divine.
I look forward to doing another course in the future.

–Christine Andrews

Horseback riding
Horse Riding Clinic
After taking on a new project horse I quickly doubted my abilities after things went pear shape one day. I highly recommend this three-day clinic. I’m back in the saddle, feeling good and the wee project horse is going to be amazing. Couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance from Dromgool Horsemanship.

–Natasha Holland

Was really cool to put some of Jed and my new skills to use today out in the real world of a trek. 1. Self load in float to get there✔ 2. Quick ground school to check attention and softness✔ 3. Park up so I can mount off float mudguard ✔ 4. Cruise along calm and soft with no spookies✔ 5. Open a couple of gates without getting off✔ 6. Stand nicely for me to remount when required ✔ 3 hours of up hill down dale and not a hoof out of place! Love this horse more all the time! Things have certainly changed for the better since starting the Dromgool journey, and it’s cool how my friends are also noticing and commenting on the huge changes they can see in us both 😀 thanks Dromgools xx


Horseback riding
Horseback riding
Hi all. Omg i had the most amazing time doing this clinic! I observed for a day about 6 months ago an truly loved Ken an Jane!!! They are just super fantastic and fun but serious! It was a huge huge step outside my comfort zone but they made it so easy! I never felt embrassed or scared an was even speaking up!! Amazing people. This has not only helped my confidence in my horsemanship but reflected in2 my every day life as well! Im so in for a few more clinics yet!! Thank you so much!@@


I want to say a HUGE thank you to Jane and Ken, for the life changing experience Dante and I have just had on their riding holiday. Being able to put everything that we have learnt on the clinics into practice, was incredible for us. So many light bulb moments and seeing the small pieces of the puzzle come together and make such hugely profound changes with my horse, have just blown me away. I have now got a very happy and safe horse and am enjoying every minute.


Horseback riding
Horseback riding
Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing weekend. My green QH is so lucky to have done her 10th, 11th and 12th rides at your Auckland clinic. I know this has fast-tracked her learning fantastically and given her a massive boost so early in her ridden life. It was great to both Jane and Ken understand her immediately and teach her so much. I’m very grateful for the guidance and direction you both gave us!!


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