Advancing Your Riding Online Course

Advancing Your Riding Online Course


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This unique online course is for any rider - beginners and advanced alike - that want to develop a deep connection with their horse, take care of his physical and mental well-being, and establish a relationship based on trust and understanding. The results you create out of doing this course will give you the fun and enjoyable rides you have been dreaming of - in any situation - whether it be out on the trail or in the competition arena.

This is an ideal way to participate in the training without the inconvenience of travel, having to take time off of work, or dealing with the weather!

Module 1: Creating Free Forward Movement

Have a horse that flows forward freely at the lightest suggestion - this module will help you find that sweet spot between a sluggish and an overly reactive horse. A horse that is soft and responsive physically, is a horse that is soft and responsive mentally. At the end of this, you will come out with a partner that is calm and trusts you.

In this module we will take you through how to get a free forward movement with your horse:

  • Walking your horse out on a line - in both groundwork and ridden work - at walk and trot
  • Getting your horse relaxed, moving freely, and responsive to your requests
  • Reducing resistance and building your horse’s confidence

Module 2: Understanding the Function of our Leg

Many of the undesirable reactions ranging from annoyance - head shaking and tail wringing - to extreme behaviours like when our horses seem to throw themselves all over the place is due to poor communication. Many riders don’t know how to use their leg to aid their horses and rely heavily on the reins. In turn, their horses are unsure what their riders want.

In this module you will learn how to communicate effectively with your horse, using your body. Specifically, give clear leg aids. Learn how to:

  • Establish clear communication and your horse’s understanding of your inside leg
  • Improve your horse’s strength and posture for his health and wellbeing

Module 3: Getting in Time with the Movement of Our Horse

Riding your horse is like dancing with a partner - you have to be in sync and in time in order for it to work. We have to understand what our horse is doing - his footfalls, his movement - and ask for a transition at a moment when the horse is prepared and balanced to take the step we asked for.

In this module, you will learn how to use the leg aids and your body in time with your horse’s movement so you dance as one with your horse.

Module 4: Effective Use of the Reins in Conjunction with our Legs

Horses move in very specific ways and each movement requires a distinct set of aids from the legs and reins. Now is the time to put together all the things you learned in the previous modules.

In this module, you will learn how to execute three turns with your horse: a turn on the forehand, a turn on the hindquarters, and a balanced turn. These are the foundation moves you need for everything you will ever do with your horse.

Understanding and executing these three turns will open up a whole new world! From the simple things like lining up at the mounting block, closing gates, and negotiating obstacles; to getting the bend and softness back into your horse when he starts to get anxious - all the way through to flying changes. It’s all in the foundation.

Module 5: Advancing Lateral Work

Having your horse do lateral work is essential for his performance, health, and well-being. Enabling him to work around your inside leg and bend through the rib cage gets him to engage his core and lengthen his topline. Lateral work strengthens his topline so you don’t have to worry about him being tense, having a sore back, or ill-fitting saddles.

Combined with the things you learned from the previous modules, you now have full control of your horse. You are now able to move your horse in any direction,  while having them stay relaxed, calm and enjoying working with you! The dance has begun!

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