Split Reins

Split Reins


100% NZ made, these are of high-quality materials and crafted to the highest standard.

The rein clips are stainless steel – for long life and no rusting. Great for when you need to get off and lead your horse – just unclip one end of your reins and voila – an instant lead!

These reins come complete with an adjustable leather keeper so you can set your rein length to your personal preference.

The quality of the rope will give you the best possible rope weight to give you a beautiful feel when riding your horse.

All ends are properly spliced and then sewn for extra strength – no nasty cut and burnt rope ends with our products.

The rope core is guaranteed not to pull away from the end of the rope – and quality leather is used for the poppers and for the adjustable keeper.


*Replacement guarantee of 10 years!

Personally made by Ken and the team he has personally trained.

100% NZ made


*Provided that the product has not been altered or misused. Normal wear and tear are expected upon usage of product. (Does not cover your horse or your dog snacking on it!)


*Please indicate your colour preference during checkout.

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