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Starting not Breaking

Our Starting Clinic was held at our place this August and it was a fantastic 9 days.

A dedicated, enthusiastic group of 9 people brought together by their love of horses and their commitment to their horses future by giving them the best possible start.

The special story of the Clinic was Bilbo – the last chance horse who was destined for the dog tucker truck and his mate Jeremy who believed in him.

We wanted to share this video with you – kindly and artistically created by Ashra who came to watch the clinic for a weekend.



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  1. Bilbo’s story made me so happy I cried. Awesome, just awesome, and one of the many reasons I will be attending Ken’s Starting Clinic when my young GypsyCobX is ready.

  2. Love this happy ending! (Did bring tears to my eyes) Lucky wonderful Bilbo and kind caring Jeremy! And 3 cheers to Ken and Jane.!!!!

  3. Great story and fantastic video! Love the music too 🙂

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