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The Arrival of Symmie – The Unwanted Foal

Having returned from 6 weeks on the road we were looking forward to a nice relaxing break over the Christmas and New Year period – but sometimes the universe has different ideas.

We had one last mare (Gemma) due to foal and as we had had all colts this year we were keeping our fingers crossed for a filly.

On the morning of the 23rd of December a tiny, sooty palomino filly was born. She was as cute as a button.

But things were not as they should be.

She had badly “windswept” hindquarters and needed to be boxed – we called her “Symmie” – short for “asymmetric”.

Then to our horror it became very obvious that her mother didn’t want her.

Gemma was violent in her protests – every time Symmie came near her she tried to kick and bite her. We tried everything we could think of without any luck.

With all the foals we have bred over the years (more than 100) we had never encountered this. Sure some maiden mares need a bit of help to become comfortable with the new process of feeding a foal – but this was something else. Gemma even became hostile towards us – trying to bite and kick us too.

We came to the heartbreaking decision that for everyones safety (Symmie included) we needed to take Symmie away from her mother.

No holiday break for us – feeding a foal every 1.5 hours aint no holiday.

Here’s a little video for you about Symmies start in life.

Enjoy 🙂

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